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Group Related FAQs

Q:  My employee’s spouse already has benefits with their employer, why should my employee enroll in our benefits plan?

A:  employees often feel they have access to all their spouse’s benefits when really it’s only health and/or dental;  employees can still enroll in your plan but may opt out of health &/or dental so long as they can show coverage under their spouse’s plan – or – they can use both plans (that’s “double dipping” in a good way)

Q:  I don’t have any employees, it’s just me running my company – I can’t get group plan coverage can I?

A:  YES, of course.  We specialize in group benefits even for “one”


Personal Related FAQs

Q:  Why should I pay premiums toward coverage I will never use?

A:  many people have difficulty with paying for an intangible, but the time to purchase insurance is when you’re healthy, if you become sick and then apply you’ll be underwritten and could get declined coverage or excluded for coverage on a pre-existing condition

Q:  I already have disability coverage, why should I consider Critical Illness insurance?

A:  CI pays you a lump sum in the event of diagnosis of a life-threatening illness; payout is in full (lump sum) freeing you financially to use in whatever way you need like a recuperative vacation away after chemotherapy or to fund special treatments

Q:  I already have mortgage insurance through my bank so why should I get it from you instead?

A:  with banks and other lenders your payments remain the same but the amount of coverage goes down as your mortgage is paid off and you also do not own this coverage.  With individual life insurance which you own it is portable (not tied to the mortgage), your coverage stays the same (but you could decrease the amount of insurance AND reduce your premium), and our rates are often lower.  Need more info?  Just ask.