Offering the most comprehensive group of insurance & benefits out there.

As a ‘true’ brokerage, we’ve scoured the providers to offer you only the most cost efficent, most effective insurance and group benefits products we can find. We aren’t going to offer a solution we wouldn’t first take on for ourselves. For a little more about what we do, click on the product from the list below:

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan – #1 in Group Benefits for firms with 1-50 people.

Especially designed for smaller firms who normally would not be able to justify the expense of a regular employee benefits package.  This is a pooled plan so your firm is “pooled” with hundreds of other small firms – which translates into annual renewal rates of only 3-5% premiums increase – it’s not based on how much usage your single firm makes of the plan.

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Group Insurance / Employee Benefit Plans – for larger (35+) firms

We also handle a variety of other group plans for bigger firms and, being a broker, can shop for the best plan to suit your needs.


Group Health Spending Accounts also available

Covers normal reimbursements for health, dental and wellness expenses at lower cost than grouped benefits.  There are no premiums as it is not an “insurance plan.”  It is funded by the employer and only when a claim’s submitted; it covers expenses up to the limits the business owner assigns.

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Universal Life

provides a payout to beneficiaries with the life insured(s) die.  This type of life insurance offers coverage with permanent life insurance protection & access to cash values that grow tax-deferred at competitive interest rates.  It allows for increase/decrease in coverage as insurance needs change; ability to control amount and frequency of payments; option to increase premium or make lump sum contributions; the extra dollars grow tax-deferred and may increase the cash & death benefit values.

Mortgage Protection

see Universal Life insurance

Term Insurance

Life insurance covering a specific time period (i.e., 1-10 years). High face values are available at very low prices. Once the policy is issued it is guaranteed renewable every year with no additional medical underwriting though the premium will increase slightly each time you renew the policy (these increases do become steeper as you get older).  May be a good choice if you need insurance for a limited time period—say to cover a major loan or a complicated business transaction or are involved in a dangerous but temporary occupation.

Key Person

Life Insurance policy maintained by a company on the life of an important partner or employee.  It provides funds to offset the economic impact to the company of losing such an employee either by death or extended illness. It can provide money to keep the business running, keep credit channels open, and help the family of the key person for a reasonable period of time to replace lost income.


Critical Illness

A lump-sum payment in the event of the diagnoses of a life-threatening illness (specific illnesses covered depend on your policy) to offset day-to-day cost.  It can help pay medical costs, transportation to treatment, personal care, convalescence or any other debts you may face.  This is different than a disability policy which replaces lost income weekly or monthly when you cannot work.

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Short-Term Disability

(or Weekly Indemnity, WI, in insurance-speak) pays out weekly, depending on your salary level, for a limited time following an accident, injury or illness that prevents you from working.

Long-Term Disability

Pays out  monthly, depending on your salary level and usually kicks in 121 days or more after you’re off work (it can extend until age 65 depending on your policy).  Non-group

Disability (individual) is also available

As with all disability, your insurability depends on your occupation, age, actual income and general health.  The best time to apply for this type of coverage is when you’re young and healthy.

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Best Doctors

Best Doctors helps connect you & your physician with specialists, available worldwide, best qualified to meet your medical needs.  This service provides an in-depth review of your medical files to confirm diagnosis and help develop a treatment plan and access to latest technologies and opinions of world-class specialists.

This process can reduce potentially serious complications & helps your doctor determine the proper course of action.  Your treatment process will be monitored to ensure your medical priorities are being met.  Assistance with reservations is also available should travel be involved.  This is a stand-alone product but is also available through many Group Benefits plans.

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Buy-Sell Agreement

An essential way to protect your business and your partnership in case of an unforeseen death. A Buy-Sell Agreement is a contract that binds the surviving owners to purchase the business interest of a deceased owner at a pre-arranged price. This also obligates the estate of the deceased owner to sell its interest to the surviving owner(s).

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We offer a variety of investment products for you and your employees. Products range from:

  • Group RSPs
  • RRSPs
  • LIPPs (Individual Pension Plans)
  • RESPs
  • Annuities
  • Segregated Funds
  • PRPPs (coming soon!)

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Group Mortgage Plans (Product Under Development)

Cost-savings program where we source mortgages, for employees together as a group, through all of the major banks and other mortgage lenders thus saving each employee a substantial amount of money.  The Plan sometimes even allows for a Move-In Bonus for home buyers!